"The Westlands Solar Park is a master planned infrastructure development in Central California comprising primarily of a 2.4+ GW solar park with phased generation developments, transmission, and other facilities".

Westlands Solar Park is a public-private effort to master plan renewable development and infrastructure for large scale solar projects in California's central valley. The Westlands Solar Park study area includes approximately 24,000 acres of disturbed land for renewable development within the Westlands Water District, located in western Fresno and Kings Counties. The project's location is identified in the state's Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative (RETI) as suitable for renewable solar power generation up to 5 GWs as a Competitive Renewable Energy Zone (CREZ). Initial development planning estimates that phased projects totaling upwards of 2.4 GWs of solar power could be developed before 2025. Early Phase 1 projects are expected to begin operation as early as 2013-2015. The Westlands Solar Park is the only state (RETI) designated renewable energy zone in central California and it is the CREZ with the strongest levels of support from both environmental and agricultural communities.